Has New Zealand gone crazy?

Has New Zealand gone crazy?

The big question the rest of the world is asking is, Has New Zealand gone crazy?

Has New Zealand gone crazy?
Has New Zealand gone crazy? Are we even a democracy any more, or just the latest police state to grace the planet?

Short answer: No. We’re still here. Still doing what we do, as always.

Still going to work, raising our kids, loving our partners, building our families, laughing with our friends.

Yet everything is different too. To lawful, law-abiding firearms licence owners like me, everything feels very different.

It feels like we’ve entered the Twilight Zone, with Hitler and concentration camps lying in wait for us, just around the corner.

Yes, I’m feeling paranoid, Maybe my family’s Jewish connections have something to do with that. But I know my history, and I know what happened when Germany started confiscating firearms a few decades ago.

You don’t have to be pro-gun to be very worried about a far-left government (which the current New Zealand Government is) disarming its people in a hurried, brutal manner, while at the same time doing its best to stifle free speech.

Remember – this government has locked teenagers up for sharing a video.

We did nothing wrong. We ordinary citizens never did. The worst crime I’ve ever committed is a speeding fine. I have no intention of ever doing anything terrible.

Yet when the unthinkable happened in Christchurch – a place I’m beginning to think of as The Hellmouth – people I had thought were my friends suddenly refused to speak with me. They treated me like I was a mass murderer. They judged me for someone else’s terrible crimes.

Our government did the same thing, on a wider, more toxic scale. Blamed law-abiding citizens for the crimes of one man who doesn’t – and didn’t – even belong here.

No New Zealander killed anyone. Yet we’re all being blamed for someone else’s crimes. That’s about as logical as everyone’s cars being confiscated because someone else did a hit-and-run.

Tarrant wasn’t a part of the firearms community. He didn’t hunt. He wasn’t well-known.

fear of a name
I won’t censor my use of Tarrant’s name. I don’t believe in censor ship. Instead, I believe we need to shine a light on the darkness.

In truth, Brendan Tarrant fit the typical profile of a mass murderer, same as you see over and over in America and in Europe – a single guy with no family, no kids, no fixed home, no friends, no partner.

He was a social outcast – or it seems very much to be the case.

In America guns tend to be the weapon of choice for mass murderers, although this is not always the case – I seem to remember an event with a few passenger airlines in 2001, and a bombing at a marathon.

In Europe it tends to be knives, trucks, and explosives. Sometimes guns, but not as often.

The result is the same, whatever item is used: innocent people dead.

After all, it is not the tool that does the killing. It is the murderer that kills. In world war 2, the Japanese killed millions of people with shovels. But the shovels didn’t murder anyone.

Guns don't kill people
So, if guns kill people, I guess pencils mis-spell words, cars drive drunk and spoons make people fat.

Of course, we’ll never actually know the truth about Tarrant, because we’re not allowed to ask questions, or talk about it. The Government is telling us what to think, what to say, what not to ask, what we’re not allowed to share or question or discuss.

New Zealand isn’t a free society any more.

New Zealand – the world’s newest police state?

These days, New Zealand feels like it’s fast becoming a police state.

We’ve gone from cops not routinely carrying firearms to them routinely doing so – and shooting themselves in the butt for good measure!

We’ve gone from thinking of the cops as the good guys who are there to help us out, to being mean guys we can’t trust who are there to confiscate our possessions and do gestapo-style interrogations in people’s homes and workplaces if you put a politically-incorrect screensaver on your work computer (as happened to a close friend recently).

We’ve gone from a “support a mate” to a “dob in a mate” culture in record time.

This is not what New Zealand is. This is not the country I know and love. This is more like Soviet Russia, where we’re all starting to wonder if we can trust our neighbours any more.

And we used to. We used to…

So…has New Zealand gone crazy?

I started this post asking “Has New Zealand gone crazy?” and I thought the answer was going to be an emphatic no.

But now I’m not so sure. I’m mourning the loss of what we were. So many of us are in mourning. Our freedom is being stolen by a political class obsessed with power and control.

I feel broken and beaten down not by the actions of a crazed mass murderer, but by the terrible, totalitarian response to his heinous crimes. We need trust and openness between Kiwis, and we’re getting fear and hatred of our own people, and lies, and interrogations, and our liberties undermined – for what? To what end?

I used to trust the government. Now? I think they’re doing their best to turn us into slaves with no rights, no freedom, no ability to dissent.

I voted for Jacinda Ardern. Now I’m wondering if that was the worst mistake I ever made in my life. Which of my freedoms will she take next?

She wants subjects, not citizens. Which is fine, I guess, if you don’t like to think very deeply about anything, and you’re happy doing exactly what the government wants you to do. And if you accept that everything it does is for the greater good.

I’m nobody’s subject. Nobody’s slave. My brain is mine to think with, my tongue is mine to speak with, and my heart is mine to dissent with.

I’m sharing these thoughts, because I feel like I must, but in the current political climate I can’t help but wonder how long it will be until the police come knocking on my door…again… because I dare to think for myself, question the status quo, and long for a return to the way things were in what was the best little country on earth.

So yes, I’m back. For now.

A thanks to the novels of J K Rowling in this post. I’m still a fan, despite the fact that Rowling has has some rather strange opinions of late that I disagree with. Regardless, she was right about many things in the Harry Potter books, and yes, despite physical appearances there are striking similarities between Rowling’s Umbridge and Jacinda Ardern.

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