A motherhood manifesto: the return of the family

Many of my adult female friends have chosen not to have kids. I feel sorry for them.

Having kids is the hardest thing a woman ever does – physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.

Kids are also a massive drain on our resources. They take away our free time. They cost money we could spend on holidays, clothing, fancy cars. Poor, selfish us!

No one who has ever had kids would doubt any of this was true.

There’s a saying: men grow muscle, women grow babies. Have you ever wondered why men are bigger, stronger, more heavily muscled? That’s why. Because men grow muscles, while we grow babies.

We’re a perfect combination. Nature did good.

We women use our bodily resources to grow the next generation, while men developed muscle, speed and agility to hunt, to build, and to support us while we grow the children within us, and support those already born with our milk and our care.

It all makes perfect sense, thinking about how the two sexes complement one another, each supporting the other, building society, generations to come, and a future together.

Embracing positivity through motherhood and children

Without kids we become a culture of suicidal narcissists. Without kids there is no future.

Kids are the future – they are means by which we live on after our death, passing on our wisdom, our love and our culture to those who will live after us. They make us care more about the earth when we no longer share it. Kids give us hope.

Kids are also a duty. Friends of mine who have chosen not to have kids speak of how much wealthier they are, how much more money they have. How much more free time they have to spend on themselves.

This is true. But for what? So what if they’re wealthier?

What is the point of wealth if you have no children to offer it to?
What is the point of living if you have no children to mourn you?
What is the point of owning nice things if you have no one to pass those things on to?

I believe modern feminism is poisoning society. It tells women that we can have it all – and that family comes last, when it should come first.

Modern feminism tells us to hate and resent men, and to try to do the things men do, instead of understanding that women are on this earth because we can do the things that men cannot do.

We are different to men, not a weaker, less able subset of them.

Modern feminism is telling us that trinkets – clothing, nights out on the town, nice cars – are worth more than children. It tells us, in essence, that money is worth more than family.

It is selling both women and men short.

Fundamental truths

To me, raising a family is, and should be, as fundamental as breathing. As basic as human relationships. As core to our humanity as loving one another and caring for our elderly and our sick.

I’m also asking: who will care for these elderly, sick, childless women? Who will advocate for them when they are senile with dementia or suffering with their third stroke? Who will check they are okay? The State? The government? Good luck with that!

If we genuinely believe that humanity and Western culture ate projects worth fighting for – we must acknowledge that giving birth and raising the next generation are both absolutely fundamental to our survival.

Teach our children

We need to teach our daughters that having children is a normal part of life and is an expectation, not an “option”.

Choosing a hair color or which restaurant to eat at is an “option”. Having children and raising a family are fundamentals.

We need to teach our sons that families are the core of our society, and to become a family man is to engage in a proud history and tradition that stretches back millennia.

We need to restore pride and dignity to the role of fatherhood, and embrace and recognize everything wonderful men can give us.

Men are good. Repeat after me: men are good.

(Actually, I think men are wonderful!)

We need to throw out the useless, toxic ideology that claims consumer junk will make us happy and the State will look after us. We need to return instead to our families, to our children, to our parents, and to the blood ties that have bound us and will always bind us.

It is time to throw out this toxic feminism that is so poisonous to our kids, and once again honor parenthood, returning it to its rightful place, at the center of Western culture.

motherhood manifesto

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  1. While I support all mothers and understand that approaches to parenthood can be a natural sex difference, this writing is very hurtful for anyone who is not physically able to have kids (like the (many) of us who are infertile, disabled or too poor). Feminism, at least how I understand it, gives me the right to exist even though I can’t have kids. Why is or so important for you to teach me that no one will care about me when I’m old? It’s painful enough to not be able to have kids. What if your own kids can’t have kids? Would you make them feel equally invalidated?


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