gang warfare, identity politics - and your kids

Gang warfare, identity politics – and your kids

So…which gang are your kids a part of?

These are the days of identity politics, where your child is a nobody if they don’t “identify” as something outrageous.

So they have a choice. They can identify as a feminist, as a male rights activist, as a special “unique” gender, or they can identify according to their race, culture or minority group status.

They can identify as “alt right”, an “ally”, or Antifa, although I must admit, I can’t see much of a difference between any of them.

They can “stand up” for any number of causes. And if the right cause doesn’t exist, they can invent it (remember “land rights for gay whales”?).

land rights for gay whales
“Land rights for gay whales” was an Australian meme that did the rounds a while back. Its trope was that some people will campaign for just about anything, no matter how ridiculous.

In fact, in all this mess there are only two prerequisites – your child must get as many “Likes” as possible on social media. And they cannot be well-adjusted, happy with their place in society, and healthy.

What is a parent to do?

In all this, there is little respect for family, for tradition, for routine, and for normalcy. Chaos is worshipped, and parents and traditional wisdom are discredited.

What would we know, after all? We’re only parents!

The truth is, none of this social Titanic of a disaster is making anyone any happier. Its the siren call of young people unhappy with their world, and struggling to find meaning by standing out in whatever way they can., no matter how ridiculous or violent or downright foolish.

I think social media is one of the root causes of all this unhappiness, which is why I repeated advocate to keep kids away from it, for as long as possible. The long march through the institutions and the extreme leftism of teachers and academics has added to the cesspool, and our kids are now caught up in it, not knowing which way is up or down.

Encourage your kids to identify – as themselves

If we’re going to navigate this hell of gangs and identity politics and social media, we need to encourage our kids not to identify as members of some group or alliance or viewpoint…but as themselves.

We need to remember that our kids are not minorities, or genders, or political ideologies, or religions.

They are people.

Don’t lose the kids…they’re worth too much

When we identify too strongly with a particular ideology or cause, we lose something of ourselves. We run the risk of losing our own point of view, and our ability to decide for ourselves what is right and wrong.

When gangs and identity politics flourish, creative, unique thought diminishes. We lose the ability to challenge the status quo of those with whom we associate. Our voices become lost, drowned out by the barbaric yawp around us.

Your kids – and mine – are just at the beginning of their life’s journey. They have so much to give the world. Don’t let their gifts be lost, buried by their fear of having to fit in.

Teach your child that their opinion counts, but so does society and its norms. Teach them to think for themselves, and to value their world. Teach them that the media – and their friends, and even their teachers – can be wrong, but hold wisdom.

Teach them nuance.

Let them disagree with you when you discuss issues of importance. Push their boundaries, see what they really think. Debate political issues. Discuss morality.

Help your kids discover who they are. God knows the world needs them right now.

gang warfare, identity politics - and your kids

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