Should our kids be forced to eat halal food?

Should our kids be forced to eat halal food?

There’s a sausage sizzle at our 12 year old’s school this week.

A flyer came home from her school. The kids can choose between the vegetarian sausage option, or the halal sausage option.

We live in a society with approximately 2% Muslims. I don’t know what the percentage of vegetarians is, but probably about 5%. Both are small minorities.

So here’s today’s question – should our (non-Muslim) kids be forced to eat halal food?

Should our kids be forced to eat halal food?

What is halal meat?

For meat to be certified as halal, there are a few requirements:

  • The animal to be slaughtered must not already be dead.

  • The animal must not be a pig.
  • The slaughterer must be a Muslim.
  • The animal must be positioned to face Mecca.
  • The slaughterer must place a blade on the throat of the animal.
  • The slaughterer must proclaim, “Bismillah, Allahu Akbar!”
  • The animal’s throat must be sliced through, severing its carotid arteries and jugular veins.
  • All of the flowing blood must be allowed drain from the animal.

“Bismallah. Allahu Akbar” means “In the name of Allah. Allah is greater.” So any halal food has been sacrificed in Allah’s name, with the statement that Allah is greater than any other God.

halal symbols
Some of the symbols indicating a food is halal. There is a huge variation and many products are not marked at all.

Is halal meat a problem?

It depends on who you ask.

(Before I continue, I’d like to state plainly that I have no problem with providing minorities with their needs. If they require special diets, as long as it interferes with nobody else’s rights I’m fine with it.)

If you are not Muslim, buying halal meat basically means you’re happy to accept food that supports the premise that Islam is a greater religion than any other, and Allah is the greater God than any other.

That may or may not bother you.

However, halal does directly contravene the Ten Commandments for Christians, Jews and Mormons.

The Commandments state directly, Worship no God but me.

Atheists may also have a problem with halal food. Buying halal food is supporting and acknowledging a religion that they may have issues with.

Finally, some religions (such as Sikhs) are expressly forbidden to eat meat killed in a ritualistic manner. So they may not eat halal meat.

Other issues with halal meat

According to,

    “[The] Muslim Brotherhood and other Muslim groups that certify meat and other items as being halal for a fee funnel some of those fees to Muslim “charities,” including Hamas, Hezbollah and Holy Land Foundation that wage jihad; people who don’t want to support Islamic terrorism should not buy meat or anything else bearing a halal label.”

Both the Muslim Brotherhood and the Holy Land Foundation have been designated as terrorist organizations by numerous countries.

Our decision with the sausage sizzle

We contacted our 12 year old’s school, and have requested a non-halal meat option for our child. If they do not respond, we will provide non-halal sausages for her to bring along to be cooked on Friday.

We shouldn’t have to, but we will.

We should have a choice

Whatever you choose to do is up to you. But I think we – consumers – should always have a choice about what we eat.

I believe schools should always offer non-halal options – especially in countries where Muslims are a tiny minority of the population!

I also think all halal-certified products (meat and otherwise) should be clearly marked, so we can vote with our dollars on what we prefer.

Other resources

Halal choices – Australian site offering more information about halal certification and the food industry.

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