Should schools teach our kids what to think?

Schools are changing a lot these days – and what you think of them depends on where you stand.

These days, morality, ethics and what to think seem almost more important than teaching kids basic mathematics, reading, and writing.

Our daughter’s primary school, for example, doesn’t teach the times tables any more. Spelling isn’t important, nor handwriting, and twelve year olds are still using lead pencil – not pen – to write with. The kids can’t add up, and a majority are failing the national standards in reading and maths.

I kid you not.

But none of the above matters to the school, because it is teaching consent, sex education, and what to think about refugees and immigrants as top-of-the-list important subjects instead.

So the school will graduate kids who don’t know how to express themselves or check their bank accounts, but they’ll know the right politics – according to what their teachers have told them.

Now, you might agree with this – or you might not.
You might agree with the school’s point of view on social issues too – or you might not.

But the bigger question is – should schools be teaching our kids what to think, or should they be teaching the kids how to think for themselves, plus the fundamentals of a basic education?

My view is that it is a parent’s responsibility to teach our children right from wrong, good from evil.

If politics are discussed within a family at all, it is up to parents to choose what to teach our children, and how. Not schools.

When schools teach children what to think, instead of how, they put the brakes on a child’s ability to question, to think critically, and to disagree.

If there’s a “party line” that children are force-fed from an early age by teachers and other authority figures that children respect, how can children ever learn to question the ideologies with which they are presented?

I believe there is a right and a wrong in the world, and the difference isn’t very difficult to see.

Indoctrinating children in political ideology at the expense of their basic education is wrong.

I want the next generation to be able to read and write, and think critically.

Most of all, I want them to be able to think for themselves.

Because freedom of thought it the most important freedom of all.

should schools teach our kids what to think?

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