Writing a new script

Here’s the script I was given:

Go to school.
Go to University.
Have a boyfriend / girlfriend or two until you find The One.
Get married in an appropriately large White Wedding. Wait a couple of years – a little while but not too long!
Get pet – dog or cat will do.
Get mortgage.
Have 2.3 kids. Boy, then girl, is ideal.
Upgrade house, upgrade house contents at various points, upgrade career.
Keep working, interspersed with various overseas holidays to appropriate destinations.
Keep working, while paying to send 2.3 kids to Good Schools.
<= I am here.
Hopefully retire.
Travel a bit.

Now, it’s not a bad script, as far as scripts go. But if I’d thought about it as a kid, I’m not sure it would be what I’d have wanted.
I wanted to travel, sure, but I didn’t really even want kids. Marriage wasn’t even really on my list. Most of my friends wanted the Big White Wedding and I didn’t.

I wanted to write. Hang out at beaches. Explore. Be free.

So what happens when we decide to play by a different script? I’m selling my farm now, and that means I won’t be tied down. Sure, my kids need to stay in their school, but all sorts of options are open to me that weren’t before.

I can buy a caravan and travel every holidays OR
I can build a tiny house OR
I can travel to Greece and actually snorkel the places I want to snorkel.

I don’t have to live by the script I once ran by.

A mortgage and farm don’t mean security to me any more. They mean work. Endless work. I’m rethinking the script.

When did you last rethink your script?


  1. I just found your blog tonight and am fully enjoying your writing and outlook! I completely agree with you- it is remarkably frustrating- once you open your eyes and notice that the script you have been following (or improvising around in my case…) doesn’t work. It looks like other people are managing just fine within the comfort of that structure. It just doesn’t work for us.

    My wife and I are travelers/explorers of around the bend/experiencers of lfe/drivers of wherever the road may take us but yet we find ourselves in a lovely suburban home we have been renovating as time and money permit. We are just about to the point where our youngest children are off to college and that nagging itch to sell it all and live far more lightly upon the earth is getting stronger.

    It seems crazy to work as hard as many of us do just to maintain a house and an unsustainable lifestyle. We would rather have much less and experience far more. One of the big changes that our kids are completely on board for is doing away with Christmas gifts. Rather than beautifully wrapped boxes full of obligations, we are going to take a family trip each year to somewhere warm. We can spend the same money as we would have on gifts yet everybody will have rich memories to show for it. I can’t recall what I received last year.

    I think a new, unscripted life is our next step. A little frightening but, isn’t that the exciting part? We have no idea what is around the next bend!

    I look forward to more of your posts.



    1. Maybe it’s something in the travelling life that encourages us to simplify? I was just over at your blog reading a little about your story, and saw some similiarities with my own background.

      I think our whole society’s attachment to stuff is a bit of a dead end. What happens when we get all the stuff we ever wanted? What then? I’d rather spend my life in freedom, doing what I like, than tending a whole pile of things that can never love me back.


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